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 Electric Guitar 

The guitar is one of the most versatile and appealing instruments. It can be used as a layer to provide harmony to a song or it can be used as the main driving force with riffs and strong melodies providing the main hook to countless songs in rock and popular music, inspiring many people to want to learn. The great thing about it is many of these famous guitar parts are simple and can be learned with a basic degree of skill.

- We will learn how to play all the riffs and chords from many famous songs, including any songs you want to learn

- I will teach you how to improvise over almost any genre of music and create simple melodic guitar solos

- There will be a strong emphasis on improving technique and developing
consistent rhythm and timing, and how to manage your practise schedule effectively so that you constantly progress

- We will look at the defining characteristics of different musical genres and how the guitar is used in those styles - mainly rock, funk, blues and metal

- I can teach you music theory in a really simple way and how to apply the knowledge to your playing

- If you’re in a band I
can help you develop guitar parts for your songs

- If it interests you, I can show you how to read and write musical score

- If you want to achieve any grades with exam boards such as Trinity Rock & Pop, or Rockschool, I will work through the syllabus with you and ensure you are fully prepared for your exams

- Plus anything YOU want to focus on. Whether that be a particular genre or technique, these are your lessons as your guitar teacher I will make sure you get the most out of it

**PLEASE NOTE - I do not teach acoustic guitar lessons**

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