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The underrated but oh-so important hero. It reinforces the rhythmic elements underneath whilst harmonically supporting the other instruments on top. It makes people dance and gives the music a feeling of depth and I will show you how fun and worthwhile learning this instrument can be.

- We will learn how to play the bass parts from many famous contemporary songs, including any songs you want to learn

- There will be a strong emphasis on improving technique and developing
consistent rhythm and timing, as well as strength and dexterity in the fingers

- We will look at the defining characteristics of different musical genres and how the bass is used in those styles - mainly pop, funk, rock, blues and metal

- I can teach you music theory in a really simple way and how to apply the knowledge to your playing and bass line construction

- If you’re in a band I
can help you develop bass parts for your songs

- If it interests you, I can show you how to read and write musical score

- If you want to achieve any grades with exam boards such as Trinity Rock & Pop, or Rockschool, I will work through the syllabus with you and ensure you are fully prepared for your exams

- Plus anything YOU want to focus on. Whether that be a particular genre or technique, these are your lessons and as your bass teacher I will make sure you get the most out of it

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