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Hi, I’m Alex and I teach Bass and Guitar lessons in Hove.

Learning an instrument is one of the most fulfilling and worthwile things we can do with our time. It's fun and rewarding, and when you get involved with other musicians it opens up more opportinities in life than you could imagine.

It doesn’t matter if you only want to learn as a hobby, I will teach you the same way I teach those of you who want a professional career in music as it is possible for anyone at any age to learn to play well. You just need the right mindset!


All abilities are welcome. I will help you get to where you’re going and develop your skills as a well rounded musician in a manner that suits your learning.


Please get in touch for your free first lesson!

   The Lessons   



The underrated but oh-so important hero. It reinforces the rhythmic elements underneath whilst harmonically supporting the other instruments on top. It makes people dance and gives the music a feeling of depth and I will show you how fun and worthwhile learning this instrument can be. As your bass teacher, here are some areas I will focus on:

- We will learn how to play the bass parts from many famous contemporary songs, including any songs you want to learn

- There will be a strong emphasis on improving technique and developing consistent rhythm and timing, as well as strength and dexterity in the fingers




The guitar is one of the most versatile and appealing instruments. It can be used as a layer to provide harmony to a song or it can be used as the main driving force with riffs and strong melodies providing the main hook to countless songs in rock and popular music, inspiring many people to want to learn. The great thing about it is many of these famous guitar parts are simple and can be learned with a basic degree of skill. As your guitar teacher, here are some areas I will focus on:

- We will learn how to play all the riffs and chords from many famous songs, including any songs you want to learn

- I will teach you how to improvise over almost any genre of music and create simple melodic guitar solos


    Arranging Lessons   

and Pricing

 If you are interested in lessons it would be great to hear from you - so please call me on this number: 07733060805

Alternatively you can email me at alexbickers08@gmail.com

From there we can arrange your first free lesson where I can assess what level you are at. This will also give us a chance to talk about what kind of music you want to play, your influences, your goals ect. which will allow me to start prepparing a course of lessons suited for you



- Both Bass and Guitar lessons with me are charged at £25 per hour

- If you feel shorter lessons would be more beneficial for yourself

or your child I also charge £15 for 30 minute sessions


    About Me   


I have been been a musician since I was a young teen, starting with guitar and learning bass later on. I studied at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music when i was younger and I have plenty of experience playing with other musicians. From creating my own music in the studio and gigging with originals bands, my current involvement with a covers band as well as open mics and casual jamming sessions. Now I am in my late 20s and I have sunk thousands of hours into this passion. I still continue to grow every day and I will do it until I die. Sharing this passion and passing on what I have learned to my students makes it even more exciting and I love watching people flourish.

I am DBS checked and equivelant to degree level.





Tel: 07733060805

Privacy Policy:

Your personal data will not shared with any third parties and will be used only to contact you. I may store your details (phone number, email, name and address or anything else you provide me) for 6 months after your last instance of conctact if it is unclear as to whether you will return. You can request removal if this concerns you. Your personal information will always remain confidential.

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